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Isatis Capital reinvests in Ekstend Group

A financial partner since 2019, Isatis Capital is reinvesting in Ekstend Group through the FCPR Isatis Capital Vie & Retraite. This transaction will enable the group to reorganise its capital in order to pursue and accelerate its development.

Led by CEO and founder Franck Kaddouch, Ekstend Group is an independent consultancy, communications and local marketing group, headquartered in Marseille. The Group is positioned as an extension of advertisers' in-house marketing teams, offering its customers seamless support across the entire value chain, from strategy definition to operational implementation.

Since we acquired our stake, the Group has pursued an ambitious external growth strategy. It has integrated three new agencies (SweetPunk, Be Brandon and Ibiza), enabling it to broaden its offering, consolidate its expertise in consultancy, media and creation, and diversify its customer portfolio and geographical footprint.

With offices in Marseille, Paris and Montpellier, Ekstend Group supports its clients, mainly in the tech, automotive, luxury and retail sectors, in all aspects of communications and marketing, thanks to the complementary nature of its 8 agencies.

Against a backdrop of ongoing digitalisation and the development of so-called "phygital" strategies, Ekstend Group, which employs over 200 people, is experiencing strong growth and has generated sales of over €30m by 2022.

With this new round of financing, Ekstend Group aims to pursue and intensify its external growth strategy, with ambitions for international expansion.

The Group is now ready to take on a second ambitious stage of growth. We look forward to continuing the adventure alongside its management.

Yonathan Elmalem

Yonathan Elmalem

Partner, Isatis Capital

Yonathan Elmalem, Partner, Isatis Capital : « We were delighted to work with Franck Kaddouch on the transformation of Ekstend Group into a global agency of critical size, having successfully led and integrated several external growths. The Group is now ready to take on a second ambitious stage of growth. We look forward to continuing the adventure alongside its management. »

With the help of our partners, we want to continue and accelerate this development.

Franck Kaddouch

CEO Founder of Ekstend Group

Franck Kaddouch, CEO and Founder of Ekstend Group : « I am delighted to be opening a new chapter in our history, thanks to the support of Siparex Intermezzo, Smalt Capital and Isatis. The Group has been built on strong values that today enable it to support the largest companies in their development, with a constant focus on operational excellence. Today, we want to continue and accelerate this development with the help of our partners. Their confidence in us in the current economic climate is an extremely positive sign for the company. »