Partnering with fast-growing and ambitious French SMEs

Since 2002, our teams have worked every day to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses and bring their visions to life.

Faster and further together

From personal and professional experience, we know that entrepreneurship is a human adventure.

That’s why our vision of investing goes beyond the financial aspect: it’s a true partnership. We partner with dynamic, experienced, competent teams striving to build market-leading companies.

Transforming French SMEs into market leaders

As specialists in the development of high-potential French SMEs, we enable our portfolio companies to grow and evolve into mid-cap market leaders more quickly and smoothly.

Our strategy

Supporting the improvement of ESG practices

At Isatis Capital, we’re committed to SMEs that view non-financial criteria as an integral part of their values. This stems from our conviction that these criteria are essential for the sustainable, responsible growth of businesses.

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