Improving ESG practices for responsible investment

Governance, social, environmental, and external stakeholders are priority issues to ensure the sustainable, responsible growth of our portfolio companies.

Supporting ambitious ESG initiatives

Isatis Capital is an active investor providing long-term support. As true partners for entrepreneurs and their businesses, we fund their productive investments or commercial development with a particular focus on the application of ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance).

We consider non-financial criteria essential to ensuring sustainable growth and lasting job creation. That’s why we’re committed to identifying these issues before each investment, encouraging our holdings to improve on these factors, and promoting greater transparency on actions and outcomes.

Our priority issues

1. Governance

Reinforcing the expertise of boards of directors, enhancing gender diversity through greater involvement of women, and anticipating environmental and social risks through appropriate management.

2. Human Capital

Promoting employee well-being, closing the gender pay gap, innovating to increase the company’s appeal and retain talent, and fighting against all forms of discrimination.

3. Environment

Raising awareness among businesses of the objectives of the Paris Agreement in the fight against global warming and encouraging our portfolio companies to better manage the life cycles of the products they design or use.

4. External stakeholders

Involving suppliers in ESG initiatives, maintaining high-quality customer relations, and engaging in constructive dialogue with civil society.

Our commitments

PRI signatories

In 2017, we signed the UN PRI initiative. We’re also committed to the six UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

SFDR regulation

Our funds are classified under Article 8 of the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation). They promote environmental and/or social criteria beyond governance.

TCFD recommendations

We adhere to the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure) recommendations on transparency on environmental and climate change risks.

Initiative Climat International

In 2021, we joined the International Climate Initiative, promoted by France Invest and recognised internationally by the PRI.

Gender Equality Charter

We are signatories to the France Invest Gender Equality Charter, reinforcing our support for equal opportunities within our profession and our asset management company.

Our publications