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Isatis Capital supports electronic connector specialist Antelec

Isatis Capital has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Antelec, a leading French designer of electronic connectors and cables.

Design of electronic cords and harnesses

Founded in 1981 and taken over by its current Chairman Rodolfio d'Angio in 2017 alongside Adaxtra Capital, Antelec designs and manufactures connectors and distributes electronic and electrotechnical components. Today, the company specialises in electronic cords and harnesses for a wide range of application sectors (defence, automotive, medical and all other industries).

Antelec's expertise in connectors and cables is the result of technical and human investment, including :

  • A design office
  • Proprietary design/configuration tools available to customers
  • Technical and engineering support
  • A prototyping line and semi-automated in-house production lines for small and medium production runs
  • Controlled quality and traceability

The trust of many customers

The company's ability to provide support at the design stage and to bring in-house the manufacture and prototyping of small and medium-sized production runs have earned it the trust of many customers. In addition, the company has developed leading partnerships in Western Europe and Asia with its subsidiary Antelec China Co Ltd, to support its customers in the manufacture of their large production runs.

Accelerating the development plan

Antelec has decided to join forces with Isatis Capital to accelerate its development plan. This will involve continuing to improve the company's configuration and in-house production tools, strengthening its sales coverage and carrying out external growth to boost the group's capabilities and expand its product catalogue. Lastly, the deal will enable the company's key managers to become shareholders.

I am very pleased to believe that this association with Isatis Capital will provide Antelec with the resources, know-how and expertise needed to achieve its development objectives effectively and rapidly. This will help to strengthen Antelec's position in its markets and improve its competitiveness.

Rodolfo d’Angio

Rodolfo d’Angio

Chairman of Antelec

We have a good understanding of Antelec's businesses, so we immediately saw the configuration tool (CAD) and the semi-automatic prototyping and small series lines as a strong competitive advantage over sector comparables, providing a high level of customer service.

Yonathan Elmalem

Yonathan Elmalem

Partner, Isatis Capital